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世界のフィットネスクラブの参加率. Fitness club participation rate in the world.

今回のブログは、世界のどこの国が一番フィットネクラブに行くかを調べてみました。This time, I 've found out which countries the participate most in the Fitness Clubs in the world.

Yomiuri newspaper posted the article regarding the number of fitness clubs member on February 6, 2016, in the world
According to the report, the number of fitness club members in the world is the highest in the United States at 54.1 million, followed by Germany at 9.08 million and third at 8.3 million in the United Kingdom, followed by Brazil, Spain, Canada, and France, Italy, Japan, and China.
 The United States, Germany, and the UK where I live are 3rd place, and Japan was the 9th place which is nearly last place out of 10 countries! 😆