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体幹を鍛える Train your core muscles


This time, I will talk about the core, which is the most important part of the body.



 You must have heard the word " PLANK"  If you are interested in training and want to change your body. But do you know why it is important to train the core muscle?
  1. Lose weight around the stomach
  2. Gain strength
  3. Less tired
There are various positive aspects.
  1. お腹周りがやせる
  2. 体力がつく
  3. 疲れにくくなる


What is a plank and Why should I do it?

Plank is a very simple training that can be easily done. And also it can train the core muscles efficiently, it can be expected to tighten the belly.






良い例 Good sample



悪い例    Bad sampleプランクチャレンジNG姿勢 Below Link is 30days Plank Challenge, If you are interested in please check it up!興味がある方は、この下のリンクの30日プランクチャレンジを訪問してみてね!https://www.fungoal.com/30-day-plank-challenge/